iFresh POD 2-HRI Cherry Ice


Feast on the Cherry Ice flavor in our new iFresh POD 2-HRI, with max 10K puffs and nicotine-free e-juice, and a rechargeable pod.


 iFresh POD 2 HRI Cherry Ice: Tasty and Touch of Coldness 

 Cherry Ice is the combination of healthy sweet cherry and cool is menthol of the iFresh POD 2 HRI Cherry Ice. The pod system is targeted both at the first time user and the experienced vaper; this vaping device is all about convenience and great taste. 

 Product Description 

 Indeed, the iFresh POD 2 HRI Cherry Ice is an actual portable vaping hardware which is in any case compact and easily fits in the hand if necessary. The handling of the Banana Gear is good while the design of the Banana Gear is conceptualised in such a way that there is no complex configuration needed, hence making it easy to use. The Cherry Ice flavor produces much of the sweet cherry flavor accompanied by a cool icy sensation and can serve out a good vaping session. 

 Key Features 

   Compact and Portable: The iFresh POD 2 HRI Cherry Ice has a rather unimpressive and slight build in terms of design and size, which enables the user to e Liquid nicotine utensil conveniently fit into a pocket or a bag so that it may be used any time the user desires. 

   User Friendly: One can observe that this pod is very versatile and can fit vaping devices of any complexity because of a rather simple design connected with the plug and play system. They are easy to configure; in fact, all that is required is to plug in a vaping device and you are ready to go. 

   Refreshing Flavor: Cherry Ice has a rather sweet taste, and which comes with the cherries taste, and a hint of a cooling menthol which makes it a very enjoyable taste every time one takes a puff. 

   Long Lasting Battery: This device has a very long lasting battery that would require charging significantly lesser than charging frequencies of other devices.  

 For a very well coordinated vaping session, try the Cherry Ice flavoured iFresh POD 2 HRI and change your vaping encounter into a magnificent and sweet fruity adventure.


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