iFresh POD 2-HRI Blue Razz Lemonade


Consume Blue Razz Lemonade and iFresh POD 2-HRI which come with 10,000 nicotine-free e-juice and a battery.



iFresh POD 2 HRI Blue Razz Lemonade: E juice that is unique and pleasant to the taste buds 

 The iFresh POD 2 HRI Blue Razz Lemonade can be considered as a very inspiring vaping product due to its combination of a tasty, sour, and sweet taste. This pod system is good for beginners and also for those having huge experience in vaping devices and tastes. 

 Product Description 

 In terms of the design of the iFresh POD 2 HRI Blue Razz Lemonade, the device is extremely compact and handheld on the go. The model offers a comfortable and firm hold; at the same time, the device’s plug n play design is convenient. Blue Razz Lemonade is a monster hit of tribal tangy blue raspberry dashed with sharp and invigorating lemonade for that perfect vaping fun. 

 Key Features 

 Compact and Portable: The iFresh POD 2 HRI Blue Razz Lemonade is small and portable so it can easily be carried in your pocket or your bag so that it is handy to use when needed. 

 User Friendly: This pod works with any vaping device and is very easy to use. It’s a plug and play system. Again, there are no elaborate preparations to make, just insert the vaping device. 

 Vibrant Flavor: The Blue Razz Lemonade flavor is well balanced between the sour blue raspberry and sweet lemonade flavor and you are guaranteed a good experience with each puff. 

 Long Lasting Battery: On this device, they incorporated a long lasting battery that ensures a long vaping session with little or no need of recharging. 

 Be amazed with the zesty and invigorating taste of the iFresh POD 2 HRI Blue Razz Lemonade and don’t let it be a part of your vaping adventure as this vape pod truly deserves it.


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