iFresh POD 2-HRI Fresh Mint


Fresh Mint flavor for smokers in iFresh POD 2-HRI which is 10,000 puffs and containing no nicotine.



 iFresh POD 2 HRI Fresh Mint: An Experience That Is as Crisp and Refreshing as Vape. 

 The iFresh POD 2 HRI Fresh Mint is aimed at providing a strong minty feel, and feels like you’ve just brushed your teeth, the sort of vape that many vapers enjoy. This pod system is suitable for any vaping devices, be it a beginners’ vaping device, or the professional vaping devices currently in the market that look for convenience as well as quality.  

 Product Description 

 It has designs with an ergonomic structure and a compact size that creates a comfortable grip of the device in the hand, making it convenient to use under various circumstances. Due to the ergonomic design of the handle, it is easy to grip and with the plug and play operations, it is easy to operate. Fresh Mint flavour is especially invigorating and it delivers the sense of a fresh breath of air, mint in a more natural sense, such as the taste of fresh mint leaves, when vaped. 

 Key Features 

 Compact and Portable: This product is compact, and it does not require a carrying case, you can put it in your pocket or purse or simply hold the iFresh POD 2 HRI Fresh Mint when vaping. 

 User Friendly: As this pod comes with a plug and play concept, it suits all forms of vaping devices right from the novice to the professional category. No extensive preparation is needed; merely connect and a vaping device. 

 Refreshing Flavor: The Fresh Mint flavor gives the users the feel of the marvellous cool feeling of mint, it does not feel like a chore to vape, it is quite pleasurable every time one uses it. 

 Long Lasting Battery: In this device, the battery supplied is rather strong in order to allow a longer session of vaping, hence less time of charging is required. 

 Welcome the chilling and refreshing saliva producing taste of the iFresh POD 2 HRI Fresh Mint and upgrade your vaping experience with these fresh kicks.


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