iFresh POD 2-HRI Mr Blue


For a nicotine-free vape the iFresh POD 2–HRI Mr Blue comes recommended for 10,000 puffs with a smooth hit to the throat.



 iFresh POD 2 HRI Mr Blue: A Strong and Sharp Vaping Sensation 

 This product from iFresh is called the POD 2 HRI Mr Blue where you would desire a strong and smooth taste that will suffice your vaping. It means that this pod system targets to provide the convenience feature and the outstanding quality that can be utilised by both new and experienced vapers. 

 Product Description 

 This iFresh POD 2 HRI Mr Blue is very slim and has very comfortable grip handles for easy handling even with hand carrying. The design of the product ensures that grip on it is comfortable and the factor of easy usage is supplemented by the easy installation means, which are plug and play. The meaning of the brand name ‘Mr Blue’ is inherent in the taste of the fruit that takes inspiration from the mixed berries and its pungent and rich flavor is quite enjoyable and gratifying when vaped in an e cigarette. 

 Key Features 

   Compact and Portable: The iFresh POD 2 HRI Mr Blue is easily portable and small; it can be carried in the pocket or a purse; thus, people can use it anywhere, anytime. 

   User Friendly: Relatively simple and easy to fit installation, is perfect for vaping from the newbies to the experienced ones with the vaping devices. It doesn’t necessitate any elaborate structure or even creation; it is only inserted and the vaping device is employed. 

   Rich Flavor: The very choice of the title – Mr Blue – which, when gas, conveys a desire – which is quite definite and contained in the various types of berries – and gives an unreasonably rich and satisfying flavor with each puff. 

   Long Lasting Battery: This battery is impressive and the device is capable of delivering long vaping sessions hence it is not a frequent challenger for the charging. 

 Experience the kick level and the increased intensity of the iFresh POD 2 HRI Mr Blue and get the most out of your vaping experience with this product.


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