iFresh POD 2-HRI Lemon Lime


THE iFresh POD 2-HRI come with a rechargeable battery; this nicotine free e-liquid comes in a Lemon Lime flavor and contains 10, 000 puffs.



iFresh POD 2 HRI Lemon Lime: A Tangy as well as Crisp E Juice Experience 

 The iFresh Lemon Lime POD 2 HRI is recommended for the next flavor of the vaping liquid with the chicken taste that combines citrus notes. Thus, as the podium is suitable for both novices and experienced consumers of vaping devices, it includes conveniences that are complemented by good taste. 

 Product Description 

 All in all, the iFresh POD 2 HRI Lemon Lime is an ideal pocket friendly vaping device that can conveniently be used in an on the go vaping session. Its handle is comfortable to grasp, the hammer is free swinging, and this mobil plugs in with ease, making it even easier to use. The strawberry flavour feels like eating real strawberries with its soft and juicy feel while the Lemon Lime is sharp and explosive particularly because of the lemon and lime components which make it feel intensely fresh. 

 Key Features 

 Compact and Portable: The iFresh POD 2 HRI Lemon Lime has rather small sizes and is as light as possible: 11. 5×4. The dimensions of the PDA are 5 cm width, 8 cm height, and 120 g weight; and hence, it can be easily carried anywhere in a pocket or purse. 

 User Friendly: Because of this, this pod is flexible, easily usable by the new and experienced vaper since it plug and play. Regarding the vaping device setup there is none, just plug it and get vaping. 

 Vibrant Flavor: Caucasian design with a black and blue color, labelled Lemon Lime the product supplies an actual fruit flavor; lemon and lime profiles and that jiffy tang you get every time you take a puff. 

 Long Lasting Battery: The battery that is included in this device is rechargeable and one that is strong, this therefore means that one can vape for a long time before recharging the battery. 

 Great news for those, who want to have a burst of freshness: The iFresh POD 2 HRI Lemon Lime could add more and make vaping even better, so why not?


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